Cuffing your jeans adds some casualness to any outfit. Use it to highlight your kicks and/or your socks or just to get a little tan on them ankles. We have found six ways to cuff your jeans that all contributes to a casual look. All six ways can be transferred to pants as well. Remember to always make sure that both legs are cuffed in the same length!

 The Classic Double Roll

Probably the most popular way to cuff your jeans. Take the hem of your jeans and make one fold of around three centimetres. Smooth out the fabric and fold the hem again making sure that the fabric is still smooth and neat.


Cuff your pant one time with about three centimetres of fabric letting the chain stitch detail of your jeans show. Smooth out the fabric and make sure both legs are cuffed in the same length.


Grab about one centimetre of fabric between your thumb and forefinger of your jeans. Fold the fabric towards your leg diagonal to your ankle. Cuff the pant with two folds and smooth the fabric out making it nice and neat.


Grab just the hemmed seam and fold it twice creating a thin small cuff. Make sure that the fabric is straight and smooth.


Take a good portion of fabric and create an inside cuff. The inside cuff should be double the size of the end result. Then take half of your inside cuff and create a normal outside cuff creating a finish showing no inseam, selvedge nor chain stitch.


Cuff your jeans one time with about 6 centimetres of fabric. Iron your jeans to make the fabric perfectly flat (do so before taking them on!). The length of the folded fabric can be adjusted to your personal style but don’t overdo it.


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