How to take care of your knitwear


Taking care of your knitwear is not only essential for longevity but also keeps it looking as the day you bought it. Taking care of your knitwear is actually quite easy, so don’t let that stop you from investing in quality garments.

Since wool is naturally stain-resistant, odour-resistant and also grease-resistant, your wool garments should not be washed that often. Wool garments can be worn several times before washing and sometimes hanging up your garments on a windy day is enough to refresh your favourite knitwear.

Below, you will find our guide on how to take care of your knitwear.

When it’s time to wash, how do I do it?
Each piece of knitwear will have different needs depending on the blend. It is therefore important that you check the care label inside your garments. And follow the instructions! Most of our knitwear is machine washable:

1.     Before washing, turn your garments inside out.

2.     Use the wool cycle on your washing machine or wash on low spin speed (high spin speed will destroy the fibres and cause it to shrink).

3.     Use neutral or mild detergents, preferably a special wool detergent. The enzymes in normal detergents will damage the lanolin in the wool, removing the natural protective qualities of the wool.

How do I dry my knitwear?
After washing, place your knitwear on a flat surface. This will help maintain the correct size and shape of your garment.


How do I store my knitwear?
Heavy knitwear shouldn’t be stored on a hanger, since this can make it stretched and out of shape. Instead, fold your knitwear and store it in the closet.

How do I refresh my knitwear?
Hang your knitwear in a steamy bathroom. The moisture from the steam will remove wrinkles after wear or unpacking.

What about pilling?
Bobbling or pilling is the unfortunate result of wearing your favourite knit. Friction causes the fibres on the surface of your garment to rub together. It will typically be in the underarm area, at the sleeves and down the sides. We recommend using a lint remover or a fabric shaver to keep it at bay.


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