In the Middle Ages, a shirt was a plain, undyed garment, worn next to the skin and under regular garments. In the eighteenth century, instead of underpants,men relied on the long tails of shirts - to serve the function of underwear. Today, a shirt is a stylish piece that can complete a look.

We select only the finest fabrics, from among others,  Albiate in Italy, who has been making quality fabrics since 1830.

At Blue de Gênes we honour craftsmanship, tradition and attention to detail. That is why we always use buttons made of corozo nut for our shirts!

Before plastic was invented shirt buttons were made of corozo nut - a natural material which is scratch resistant and has a unique natural grain.

Corozo nuts are the seeds from the tropical Tagua Palm, which grows in South America. Here the seeds are picked, dried and peeled and later on cut, tinted and polished. The natural grain of the corozo nut makes each button unique - unlike plastic buttons that all look the same.

Each and every shirt is packed in branded silk paper – it’s in the details.

Many of our shirts have a curved front pocket inspired by the city shield of Genoa.


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