The history of denim


About 400 years ago, the first jeans were manufactured in northern Italy. At that time, the harbour workers in Genoa used a robust fabric called "Geanes fustian", made of Arab cotton, for working clothes and sailcloth. The fabric, which was blue as the sea, came from Nîmes("de Nimes" from which the word denim originates)…



… This material was dyed blue with indigo and very strong, making it well-suited for work pants for hardworking dockers and sailors. Back then, Genoa was a superior naval power in the Mediterranean area with strong commercial leverage. The blue cotton fabric was exported with trading vessels to other places in Europe and known as Les Bleus de Gênes - meaning "The Blue from Genoa" in French - since Genoa was part of France at that time.



Old paintings and geographical studies prove that this blue fabric was worn by poor people and sailors in Genoa, because it proved to be very strong and durable for these people, living under harsh conditions. Jeans were already worn in the 17th century, meaning clothes made with this blue woven fabric from Genoa.


The story behind the blue jeans is the starting point of each of our collections. Claiming that it is indigo that is “flowing in our veins”, we promise to continue the legacy of Genoa. We do so by always seeking inspiration in the history of Genoa and the people who lived there. Many of our models are named after famous persons of the history of Genoa.


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