The Portrait Series

- Martin Qvist


On a cold day in March, we met with Martin Qvist, store manager at RackBuddy Design Lab in Copenhagen for a talk about interior, customer service and being in a company on an expansive journey.



Martin, tell us a bit about yourself?

I am store manager here in our showroom at Frederiksberg Allé 32. I have been with the company for three and a half years, selling walk-in-closets, clothing racks and customized storage solutions. I have a background in fashion retail but after more than fifteen years of selling clothes, I felt I was ready to try something else. Through my network, I got in touch with the guys who founded Rackbuddy and I haven’t looked back since.


Who are the guys behind the brand?

It is actually two childhood friends, who started making clothing racks out of pipes for themselves and it then evolved into selling the racks online, and it then just escalated. They needed an alternative to what was already out there. Today, we have a showroom in Copenhagen, one in Esbjerg, an online store with customer service ready to help out customers in seven languages, and we plan to open new showrooms in new countries within the next year.



How has the journey been for you?


It was a bit difficult at first. I had to start from scratch in a business I knew absolutely nothing about. I had been living in a bubble, almost knowing what the customers wanted before they came into the shop. Now, it’s completely different...



...Our customers don’t always know exactly what we can do – they only know what they can see on our website. When we sit down with them and make an individual customization for their needs and wishes, they are often blown away by all the possibilities. We can create a visual 3D plan of their home, get through all needs and challenges of their everyday life...



...and find a solution that is unique to them and fulfill their needs. We have to give our customers a special experience. Otherwise, the internet wins. We are here to make dreams come true and that is highly motivating for me personally and professionally...



...We are on a very exciting journey and the company has grown from two to twenty people. It’s just an amazing place to work with a feeling of unity, people listen to you and we help each other out as well as helping out our customer, creating their dream solutions.


What is the secret to Rackbuddy’s success?

I think the reason for the success is the ability to adapt quickly and the willingness from the management to involve the staff in decisions. Further, the ability to delegate work. When we opened the showrooms, we had a lot of products from other companies but now, we are focusing solely on our own products and on evolving our services...



...We have developed special 3D software, enabling us to present our customers to visualized individual solutions fitting their wishes and needs and, in that way, we are very much ahead of our competitors.



On the pictures Martin is wearing our:


- Mozzo Como Jeans 

- Marco Denim Jacket

- Gisa Linen Knit

- Grafico Scarf