The Portrait Series

- Victor Smångs -



On a cold day in December, we met up with Victor Smångs for a talk about fashion, running and a Swedish event called Mustaschmilen.


Why did you start running?
I picked up running in 2019. I used to play ice hockey on an elite level when I was younger, and I was always the fastest one on the ice. I have therefore always wanted to see how fast I could run a 10km road race. It took until 2019 before I signed up for my first race. I started to train for a 10k race and in June of 2019 I ran my first race in 34:37. After that I was hooked.



What is running to you?
It’s the only time during the day when I am totally alone with my thoughts. It helps me on one hand free my mind but also gather my thoughts. It means freedom to me, and some may say it has become an obsession to me since I normally run two times a day picking up around 160km a week.



Can you tell a bit about our surroundings?
We are at the Stockholm Olympic Stadium. The oldest Olympic Stadium in the world that is still operating. It has a special place in my heart due to the history of the place and the architecture. Thinking about all the athletes that have been training here and all the competitions that has been held here is quite overwhelming. I spend a lot of hours here every week.


You told us you have taken part in Mustaschmilen (The Moustache Mile)?
Mustaschmilen is a virtual race of 10 kilometers which takes place when and where you want during the month of November. Each participant can do the 10 miles running, jogging, jumping, or rolling. A run where everybody can participate no matter age, sex or physical conditions. You can even spread the 10 miles over multiple days since the race is done through an app. The race is The Prostate Cancer Associations campaign which blends humor and seriousness in a goal to raise money for research, development and better care as well as draw attention to the most common cancer in Sweden. It is an honorable cause where I have participated in exposing it to other runners.



What is fashion to you?
Fashion to me, is the freedom to express myself however I want to. I have a personal style that can be different each day depending on what mood I am in for and what plans I have. In some way I am able to set the tone for the rest of the day. It’s kind of the same thing with running.



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