The Art of Craftsmanship

- more than the sum of each part

We put a lot of effort into every detail of our jeans, whether that being the fabric quality, the fit and feeling, the buttons or the wash of the jeans. Jeans are the very soul of Blue de Gênes and we never compromise. The finest fabrics are sourced from the best suppliers like Kuroki in Japan and Berto in Italy. Our buttons and rivets are customized and branded, giving the jeans the final touch.

All of our jeans are with chain stitch at the hem and waistband. This is the original way and one of the ways you recognize a premium denim product. We use leather reinforcements as unique details, angle our coin pockets slightly and double line the back pockets for longer durability - just like they did about 400 years ago when clothing was made to last. We are adamant when it comes to quality. This gives our jeans character. It is truly in the details. 



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