Waistcoat etiquette says that you should always leave the bottom button open on waistcoats and blazers. But why is it so? There is no clear answer to where this tradition originates from, and therefore we have found the three most credible theories. Enjoy a look back in history.


Theory 1 - Practicality

In the early 20th century, a lot of manual labourers wore a three-piece-suit for work. It was often uncomfortable and restricting to have all buttons buttoned while bending, stretching or horseback riding. So, the last button was left undone due to practicality.


Theory 2 - Edward VII

When future King Edward VII was still Prince of Wales, he became so fat that he couldn’t do up the bottom button on his waistcoat, so the court followed suit to make him feel better.


Theory 3 - The Eton "pop" boys

Posh boys out of Eton College were part of a collective called “Pop”, dating back to the end of the 19th century. Only the members were allowed to wear a certain specific item and one of them was leaving the bottom button undone.


Which theory do you believe in?