We are always looking for the right balance between fashion and heritage in our collections. We source quality materials from around the world, add a sense of craftsmanship and use traditional techniques of making clothes. We have the utmost respect for craftsmanship and we admire people who use traditional techniques in their work.

In our portrait series you will meet craftsmen who we have met on our journey. 


Meet Leif Albrecht who is a true craftsman!

Leif works as an upholsterer in Hamburg giving new life to the interior of classic cars. Only the finest materials are used and the goal is always to come as close to the original interior as possible. Leif has been restoring cars for 13 years and came into the business through his neighbour Guido Maack who started the company back in 1989. It all began with an internship when Leif was a teenager and from the beginning he fell in love with the craft.

What is the most challenging part of your job?
The most challenging part of my job is working with classic cars that maybe thirty years old and giving them an interior restoration that fits the original look. I mean, having it look new but in a “made 30 years ago” look. We use the same techniques as back then but some of the materials are maybe not available anymore and then we have to find something that comes as close as possible.

Do you only do vintage cars?
Our customers have many different needs and enquiries and we have restored everything from a 1958 Porsche Speedster over the Golf III to the most modern convertibles. Sometimes we are doing small interior changes and at other times it’s a new roof for a cabriolet. No job is too small nor too large.

Is it a blooming business?
We see more and more old cars coming through the shop so there is definitely a boom in people restoring old vintage cars and people that want to go that extra mile and have the interior shine just as much as the exterior. We welcome everything from standard repairs to elegant extravagance.

On the pictures Leif is wearing our:
- Pieve Salla Gilet

- Miguel Brilliante Shirt

- Repi Jeans

- Barra Belt

Need help restoring your car?

Autosattlerei Guido Maacj

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22763 Hamburg